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Social Media Training in London

The last few months of social media training have been simply non-stop. 

Our travels around the United Kingdom have been extended to international clients and in May we travelled to Qatar to deliver our tailored training in its capital city, Doha.

The client, in the energy sector, commissioned us to design a day to train 15 staff in various positions in the organisation. 

We've also visited Lloyds of London, the iconic building at the centre of the UK (and in many respects, the world) insurance sector.

Added to that, we've delivered training to a vast range of other organisations, all of which have chosen us for our truly unique approach and customer support experience.  These include:

Prostate Cancer UK

The Shaw Trust

Saint-Gobain Weber

Camden Borough Council

Anglia Care Trust

Alliance Medical

..and many others spanning from the tip of Scotland to the far south of Cornwall.

We've never taken more flights, trains or covered more miles than we have in the last 3 months. 

It is fair to say that our trip to Qatar gave us a very different setting to those we would normally train in, with temperatures approaching 50 degrees and some of the most incredible architecture we've ever seen.

However, the travel continues!  We'll be covering even more miles in the months ahead and we'll update this area of the site to keep you up-to-date with our ever-increasing spread of clients across the globe.

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