Who's winning the I'm a Celebrity race on Twitter

Monitoring Twitter Accounts

Where else might you read that Helen Flanagan is beating David Haye?  Or, that a former Eastenders star has leapt above a multi-World Title winning darts player?

We've been monitoring the Twitter accounts of the Jungle incumbants on this years "Im a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!".

There's no scientific purpose behind it other than to demonstrate the sheer volume of people who now take to following personalities on Twitter, even though they've not heard of many of them before.

There are various ways we could assess the impact of Twitter on the celebrities concerned, and their impact on the general public interest in them, so we've put together a series of league tables for your enjoyment (or bemusement!).


Tracking method

Tracking of the Twitter accounts began on 10th November 2012 - the day before the show began. 

We accept that it is reasonable to assume a good few people started following accounts when the list of entrants was announced, but by going with the day before the show we have a starting point for assessing progress from a fixed point in time ahead of the media the show is broadcast on.



Charlie Brooks joined Twitter 2 days before the show began, so statistics in relation to her account are distorted. 

Linda Robson joined Twitter in September 2012 and wasn't a prolific Tweeter prior to the show, though she did register regular activity.

Nadine Dorries, the Conservative MP whose appearance on the show has been the subject of substantial media coverage, began picking up steady increases of followers when the story first broke on or around 29th October 2012.

Between the 29th October 2012 and 10th November 2012 she gained around 1,500 new followers. (approximately 10% increase in total followers).

We have discounted these facts in our "Percentage Rise" tables.


Before they entered the jungle

Nearly all our fearless (or not) celebrities were present on Twitter prior to their journey into the jungle, though some were much more prevalent than others.

David Haye has long since been a well established Tweeter, as was Ashley Roberts.  Hugo Taylor has amassed a loyal following due to his TV presence.

Helen Flanagan, the former star of BBC soap opera "Coronation Street" also had a large following of well over 100,000.

Pre Jungle followings of Im a Celebrity entrants

As of 26th November 2012

The table after 2 weeks in the jungle shows that Helen Flanagan has shot above Ashley Roberts, probably due to the sheer terror she's been put through by the UK population, seemingly intent on watching her suffer on a daily basis!

The popularity of Charlie Brooks is also evident, because despite not having a Twitter account prior to the show she's now got the sixth highest number of followers out of those in camp.

Straight talking former World Darts Champion, Eric Bristow, has managed to double his Twitter following and that sees him at the top of one of our later league tables.

Im a Celebrity Followers after 2 weeks

New Followers

Helen Flanagan has ousted Haye with a quite remarkable increase of over 73,000 new followers.  That's almost 25% more than the former World Heavyweight Champion could muster.

The performance of Twitter newcomer Charlie Brooks is also impressive, going from zero to just below 20,000 in the 2 weeks the show has been on the airwaves for.

The late entrants into the show, Limahl and Rosemary Shrager are both at a slight disadvantage but even accounting for this they can't compete with the obvious popularity of those that perhaps attract the attention of the younger generations?

Im A Celebrity New Followers for contestants in 2012


Percentage rises

When you take a look at the percentage rises in followers (i.e. the percentage increase in followers from the celebrities original total following), the big gainers (depending on how you look at it!) are obvious.

Percentage rise in Twitter followers for I'm a Celebrity 2012

Eric Bristow, Brian Conley and, perhaps not surprisingly given the media coverage, MP Nadine Dorries have all seen an influx of those interested in what they might have to say upon their exit.

Bristow has doubled his Twitter following and continues to delight fans of "Say it how it is" speaking across the UK.  We wonder if he'll continue that when he returns from the jungle and will he start tweeting in the same style?

However, when you look at Helen Flanagan's rise we come to the conclusion that when you link this with her total following and the volume of new followers, she's proving the winner on Twitter so far.

This young woman has been subjected to all manner of trials and torment, yet remains immensely popular. 

There is little doubt in our mind that if she continues as she is we'll see the Twitter count top the quarter of a million mark before the show concludes.

Whether she'll triumph in the jungle over the next week is another thing altogether...



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