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If you consider the number of organisations or individuals that might want to draw attention to a portfolio of their work you'll soon come up with a big number.

Photographers are an obvious choice.

However, how many advertising agencies are there that aren't using a global platform on which to publish their work?  Lots.  Your website is one thing, but you've got to bring people to it - and Pinterest can do that.

The slick navigation, the presentation and layout and the fact it is a platform enjoying huge levels of user growth at present are all reasons to head to Pinterest.

You only need search for "Advertising" on Pinterest and you'll uncover a hoard of collections already accumulated by regulars.  However, few are company centric and there is an opportunity not to be missed if you're in this sector.

For those that don't know, Pinterest is a platform on which users Like and "Pin" items they're interested in.  The difference to many other channels is that Pinterest has hit the nail on the head in how it presents content.  It is superb in this respect.

If you're an advertising agency (or anyone with a portfolio to show for that matter), it's a very quick way in which to publish your content to an audience that is very good in the feedback stakes and immensely helpful in spreading the word about anything they like.

Anything you post can be Liked by other users, and they can also take your content and "Pin" it to their own boards..  The potential for viral communications on Pinterest is as good as you'll find elsewhere.

What's more, it loves imagery.  It thrives on imagery - and video content too.

If you take the screenshot below you'll see what we mean.

We've created a Board on Pinterest and called it "Advertising We Like".  We've then performed a few searches and Liked and Pinned anything we liked to this Board.  The total time taken was probably 15-20 minutes.

You can immediately see that the style in which Pinterest portrays content is extremely pleasing on the eye, especially for the effort expended - i.e. minimal.

If you click on the image below it'll take you to the Pinterest Board we're talking about - but read below the image too...

Print advertisements, campaigns, video productions you've uploaded to YouTube and much more - they can all be uploaded and Pinned to a Board in your company/organisation name in no time at all.

Boards that you create are categorised under a set number of areas Pinterest gives you too, so those that register interest in a specific area (say, Design) are a potential audience to begin with.

Indeed that highlights an advantage in itself - Pinterest is heavily used for design orientated content.  In the advertising and marketing sectors it is a superb platform for demonstrating the results of your hard work.

You'll already find campaigns from the likes of Ogilvy and others on there.

You can add a title and description to your content so you've got the opportunity to use keywords that you think your target audience might be searching for.

Plus, bear in mind that the content links back to your website or source.  In other words, you're driving traffic to your site in the traditional sense you might through any other type of promotion.

For the time and energy it takes to build a Pinterest Board - it's something for any advertising agency to take a serious look at.

If you didn't click on the image above, you can go directly to the sample Pinterest Board we created by clicking here.


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