Twitter to start ranking tweets

Twitter to introduce tweet grading/ranking system

In what is possibly the biggest news for Twitter users in a long time, Twitter is soon to start 'ranking' tweets.

The implications of the news shouldn't be under-estimated as it will inevitably bring about added impetus to the quality of tweets and their potential exposure to a wider audience.

Twitter will be giving values to the data behind a tweet and this will be used by its systems and allow developers to harvest tweets based on the grade they've been given.

Initial reports suggest that Twitter will start to assign values of "None", "Low" or "Medium" to tweets within the next week, with a "High" classification to follow.

The news has been released via the blog of one of Twitter's own developers, Arne Roomann-Kurrik and is summarised with the words "We hope these additions will help you provide great and appropriate Twitter content to your users."

The closing statement says it all.  Twitter is giving developers and users a facility that will allow them to filter content by quality.  The days of your stream being full of meaningless nonsense could become a thing of the past, but you'll still be able to see high quality graded content.

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The implications of this change are clear - businesses using Twitter are going to have to give a lot more thought and consideration to quality content generation.

Searches are unlikely to be effected from a proactive perspective so your ability to find an audience is unlikely to be hindered in that respect, but your visibility to those that don't know you, and you don't go looking for, could be about to change forever.

In many respects this change of direction (which is what it fundamentally is) means that Twitter is going to adopt something similar to Facebook - the most "Liked" items gain better exposure.

What the mechanisms and algorithm behind the scenes will be aren't known yet but we'll be watching this development very closely.

If you want to read the full blog post from Twitter, you'll find it here.


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