Twitter to integrate acquired Vine platform

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A tweet by Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, yesterday is being widely viewed as a hint of a future feature release by the social media giant.

The tweet, which we've shown below, features an embedded video from Vine.  Twitter bought Vine in October 2012 before the video sharing platform had even had a public launch.

Another social media video sharing platform, Keek, has enjoyed huge success in recent months and it could be that Twitter sees 2013 as the time to capitalise on what is an undoubtedly significant rise in micro-blogging by video.

Vine allows for 6 second video clips, so it's a long way short of the 36 seconds that Keek offers users, but the shorter recording time might fit more comfortably with the nature of Twitter usage.

The video that Costolo has posted isn't the best example in our opinion, because it is a deliberately 'fast cut' of a food dish being prepared, but it does demonstrate that it's surprising what you fit into a 6 second video clip.



Twitter have so far declined to comment on any future release but that's not uncommon.

Incidentally, our readers might be interested to know that the above tweet was embedded into this blog article by using the newly released Embed feature offered under the "More" link you'll see on tweets.



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