Twitter targets small businesses

Twitter targets small businesses

News today of the launch of a small business advertising platform on Twitter is something we've been expecting for some time but will be monitoring closely.

The 'self serve' platform allows businesses to promote themselves through Promoted Accounts or Promoted Tweets and offers the promise of increased followers, wider exposure and the ability to connect with those who should share interests with your existing followers.

The Promoted Account facility is the one which interests us most.  Through this feature you'll pay to have your Twitter profile advertised as a "Recommended follow" to those who share interests with accounts that follow you already.  In theory this promises quite a lot in our opinion, and if it delivers then it could be an interesting twist on Facebook matching PPC advertisements based on interests.

The Promoted Tweet facility takes a more predictable route by pushing your most retweeted content to a wider audience on the basis that what has been successful already may have even more leverage if put to an audience you may otherwise have struggled to be exposed to.

Like traditional PPC methods on Google and Facebook, you'll only pay when your link is followed or, on the Promoted Account method, your account receives a new follower directly through the recommendation route.

Twitter will no doubt have some refining to do with it's platform and inevitable expansion will follow.  For the time being it's a closed platform made available to a limited number of businesses - but we don't expect it to be long before a complete deployment for all.

Watch this space (and you won't have to pay to do so, which makes a refreshing change nowadays!).


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