Twitter security changes

Twitter to implement new security with PIN system

Twitter is reported to be preparing to increase security measures in the light of high profile account hacking incidents.

When the Associated Press Twitter account was hacked earlier this week, purporting to know of bomb attacks on the Whitehouse, the spotlight fell on the impact such breaches can have.

The immediate reaction to the "news" was a fall in the stock market.  Whilst the Whitehouse responded to the hoax tweet by assuring people there had been no attack, it didn't stop the markets seeing a 150 point drop.

There have been other account breaches in recent months, including Burger King, the head of football governing body FIFA, Britney Spears, Lada Gaga and the Fox News politics account.

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Reports suggest that Twitter will enforce a policy of requiring users to input a PIN code when they log in to their account from a previously unknown location.

Systems will send an SMS text message to the users mobile phone, which they'll then be obliged to input in order to access their account.

Twitter have yet to make any formal announcement on the subject but it is increasingly evident that a channel used for real-time news reporting is always going to be the target of hackers.

Our main reservation follows the old addage that if somebody wants to gain access to a system - they will.  History suggests that no matter what systems are put in place, the most skilled of hacker will find a way around them.


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