Twitter releases share by email link

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Twitter has launched a new feature on its website - the ability to share a particular tweet by email.

Announced yesterday, the facility is still in the process of deployment but we've already got it available to us (so other UK users should find it is available) and it looks like a useful new addition that has been well thought out and is easy to use.

What's more, the manner of deployment might indicate further features to come.

If you use Twitter via its website, you'll see a new link below tweets preceded by 3 dots and labelled "More".

Clicking on the link unveils a pop-up style menu with a single option in it at present.  It'll say "Email tweet".

Click the link and you'll find the background of your page fades out and you're presented with a new window that looks like this:


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All you need to do is enter the email address (or addresses, because it'll let you send to multiple email accounts) in the top-most field and you can then add a short description to your message if you wish to.

Twitter then sends the tweet, wrapped in an email, and when it arrives they'll see a very nicely formatted email that looks like this:


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It opens up a new range of possibilities and sharing potential, with the perhaps the most obvious being that you now have a very easy way of sharing tweets with non-Twitter users.

The fact that the link reveals a pop-up style menu leads us to think you might be seeing more options in the menu in the future.  Perhaps the ability to share via other platforms?




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