Twitter introduce SME toolkit

Twitter courses for small businesses

Twitter have added to their growing resources for small and medium sized enterprises in the last week, this time with the introduction of their "Marketing Kickstart" toolkit.

The toolkit, intended to give small businesses more direction in respect of profile configuration and tweet structure and timing, comes in the form of a PDF download.

Users need to complete a basic form providing their name, email address, account name and business name.  In return, you're given a PDF toolkit to download.

The PDF may come as a surprise to many, as Twitter have promoted the toolkit under the guise of it being "interactive" and we're not sure that a PDF on which you tick boxes should quite qualify for that description in 2014!


Twitter training for small businesses


The PDF contains a checklist of basic profile enhancements, none of which will come as a surprise to the majority of account holders but still provide an insight into some of the basics you should adopt.

Of more use is the 3 month calendar Twitter provide you with.  We've taken a screenshot of the February sheet below.  Twitter aims to provide you with calendar events that may give inspiration for content publication, but they also give you a list of tweet templates with 'blanks' for you to complete.

The templates are a nice touch and may help those at the very start of their Twitter marketing journey, or even remind you of the more structured approach you might wish to consider for your business activity on Twitter.

Twitter courses for small businesses


The toolkit is a useful addition to the resources for small and medium sized businesses.  Yet again though, Twitter appears to have forgotten the global audience and the calender events are entirely North American centric.

Nonetheless, the tweet structure guidance alone may stop some small businesses from making the common mistakes many do, and the more advice Twitter provide to companies, the better.  We have little doubt that the submission of your email address will ultimately lead to offers of discounts or incentives to use the paid-for advertising options (Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets) that Twitter offers, but there's no such thing as a free lunch...

You can sign up for the toolkit by clicking here.



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