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Twitter has started the roll-out of an improved search facility.  Whilst not available to all users yet, our testing has shown it is making good progress and reveals a number of improvements.

Firstly, and most importantly in our opinion, Twitter has finally added a combination of 'auto-completion' (like Google search) and close-match finds (like Google again).

In other words, if you start searching for a term and Twitter matches the characters you're typing with the start of results, it'll ask if you want to auto-complete the search in a drop-down style.

The close-match feature accounts for spelling mistakes and typing errors - it'll show what it thinks you might have been searching for if it finds results with 'close' matches.

These additions are vital improvements to its search offering in our opinion and should make searching much easier and less frustrating for users.  So, keep testing the search window on the website and, if you can't see it already, you should soon have the benefit of the new features and be able to mispell to your hearts content.



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