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Since Twitter launched their new custom header feature a few weeks ago, take up in the United Kingdom has been slow. 

However, the first signs of an increase in pace are now apparent - probably due to the emails Twitter has sent out to tell people the feature exists!

We've been watching out for any interesting UK account headers that catch our eye. 

There hasn't been a great deal to shout about, but there are now sufficient organisations putting the header to use in an effective style, so we felt it was time to take a look at the different approaches.

We've restricted our searching to the UK for the time being and we've tried to pick headers that have done something different.  If you've spotted a header that has caught your eye, please let us know because we'll run another article on the best to date in a few months time.


Adidas UK

As a major global brand we weren't surprised to see Adidas make use of the new feature quickly.  Their header is a photograph of a T20 cricketer (England, we believe) taking part in the recent T20 World Championship - so it's certainly topical.  We were, however, a little disappointed to note that the image placement hadn't considered where the brand logo would go...obscuring the cricketers face entirely.

Adidas UK Twitter account header


The Foreign Office

Few government departments have adopted the header yet - but The Foreign Office should be applauded for being quick off the mark.  What's more, their use of a photograph of what we presume to be their building is an incredibly good one.  Atmospheric too, due to it being a night shot.  We also like the fact they've included Hashtag information in their Bio.

Foreign Office Twitter account header


The Guardian

As one of the UK's foremost newspapers, and one known for some excellent photographic content, the Guardian feature an unusual photographic background on their header.  We think the image could have been adjusted for better colour brightness, and the covering of two letters with the account logo isn't ideal - but we still like what they've tried to do.

The Guardian Twitter header profile image


Liberty of London

What a fantastic shot of the Liberty store at night.  As a brand known for high quality we think the Liberty header carries an air of that through to Twitter.  This could look excellent at Christmas if the outside of the store is decorated...

Liberty of London Twitter header profile


London Zoo

Who doesn't love Penguins?  We suspect London Zoo know this and their image is a well chosen one!  Again, we think it could have been colour adjusted for more impact, but the greens and whites do blend with the colours of their logo.  We like the inclusion of humour in their Bio too...

Liberty of London Twitter header profile



As a company that spend considerably on their TV and traditional media campaigns it should come as no surprise that The Lynx Effect page has its header in place.  It's a good one too.  Excellent product placement, good colours and no doubt about what the account will be providing information on.

The Lynx Effect Twitter profile header


Virgin Group

Red.  Very red.  There's no mistaking the brand that is Virgin, is there?  We're pleased to see someone has opted for a different design ethos too, featuring an almost anime-style and mirrored graphic as a background that offsets the contrast of the text in the Bio very nicely indeed. 

Virgin Group Twitter account profile header


Visit Britain

We were very surprised by this one.  Visit Britain are responsible for bringing tourism to the UK and we thought they'd have adopted a more traditional approach - but were delighted to see they'd not.  The almost abstract flag in the right hand corner, the deep blue hue in the background and the fact tha Union Flag marries with their logo all works.  We like this one for its simplicity and impact.

Visit Britain Twitter account profile header


Volvo UK

Volvo have chosen one of their C30 hatchbacks to take pride of place on their UK account header, and it works well.  The colour is high impact and the gradient at the lower part of the image (whether intentional or not) means the Bio text is nice and clear.  We wonder if they'll cycle through their car range with this header - that'd be quite a nice idea (it's okay, you can have that idea if you want it).

Volvo UK Twitter account header profile



As a premier supermarket there is no doubting the freshness of produce shines through in this choice from Waitrose.  We're not exactly sure what it is though and we think a tagline relevant to the item might have looked nice at the top, but we do like the fact the Bio text displays clearly on the darker section of the photograph.


Waitrose Twitter account header profile


Coronation Street

This isn't the official Coronation Street Twitter account.  It's a fan/blog account.  It's also our favourite header!  We think the execution of this is excellent.  The choice of couples from the smash TV show, the fact it conveys mood and atmosphere and that the account logo blends perfectly, it all adds up to a very professional header that a lot of others could learn from. 

Coronation Street Twitter header profile


In summary, there should be a lot more headers in place by now!  Not having a custom header is a missed opportunity for better brand awareness and it also makes your Profile page (now the "Me" page) look a lot nicer.

We'd love to see any that our readers have found and like though, so get in touch with nominations for those that you think deserve a mention.



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