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Twitter has announced an improvement in the targeting of advertisements for the UK market (and Japan too, but we'll focus on the United Kingdom).

Advertisers using their paid-for "Promoted tweets" platform will now be able to target a more region specific user.

For example, whereas an advertiser might previously have targeted users in the UK, they can now target users in a region such as "Scotland".  However, the scope of targeting can also be much more specific.

In additional to regional options you can select a City and have a promoted tweet specifically for it.  So, you can tailor an advertisement for, say, Manchester and have an entirely different campaign running for potential customers in London.

Campaign managers will probably delight at this news because it does make the platform much more powerful in terms of aiming for a specific audience and that'll undoubtedly be of interest to retailers who don't necessarily have a nationwide presence.

An example of the type of tweet that could be targeted is shown below, though you'll not know that it is anything other than a standard "Promoted" tweet (i.e. you won't know it's only being shown to people in Manchester).


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This is a powerful addition to Twitter advertising and the UK market is likely to react positively to it.  We'd be interested to hear of any views advertisers, or potential advertisers, might have - are you more likely to use Twitter advertising because of this new feature?


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