Twitter confirm Vine launch

Social Media Marketing Courses - Twitter and Vine

No sooner had we blogged about the hint Twitter gave yesterday, they announced the launch of Vine.

Vine is a new service (acquired by Twitter in 2012) that lets you post 6 second video clips.  Whilst Keek is very much about micro-blogging in video, Vine is much more nano-blogging in keeping with the short snappy style of communication on Twitter.

The news has been published on both the Twitter Blog and Vine's own site.

Powered in mobile application form, the Vine platform is currently available for iOS (Apple) devices.  Other platforms are said to be in progress for future release.

Our post from yesterday contains and embedded tweet using Vine, so if you'd like to see what it does you can view that here.


Social Media Training - Twitter and Vine


Whilst many might question what can be done in a 6 second video, Twitter and Vine believe that the fact you're restricted to such a small time period is what helps inspire creativity.  You have to be clever with how you use it.

Vine undoubtedly offers new opportunities in respect of ease of use and integration with its parent company, so we'll monitor its progress over the next few months and we've already started its integration into our training schedules.



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