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The United Kingdom continues its love of Twitter.  That's the headline of interest to us in a batch of statistics that reveal the population of Twitter across the globe, by country.

Statistics from Beevolve show that the UK is responsible for almost 1 in 5 of the total Twitter user base.  The figure itself is eye catching, but even moreso when you consider the UK has a total population of less than 66 million citizens.

The figure puts the UK in second place in terms of how many of its citizens make up the total Twitter population, with North America leading the list with almost exactly half of all accounts on Twitter.

Whilst the fact that Twitter continues to prove so popular on our shores will come as no surprise, its the sheer volume of users that flock to the micro-blogging social media network that we can't help but be impressed by.

Even stalwart Facebook users have started to appreciate the unique platform that Twitter offers and individuals are joined by the ever increasing number of businesses, commercial and non-profit organisations that now seek to reap the marketing and visibility benefits that Twitter delivers.

Twitter training courses

The full list of countries reveals that the USA and UK dominate Twitter, accounting for almost 70% of its users.

Australia follows the UK in third place but brings in just over 4% of all accounts.

Brazil follows on just under 3.5% but continues to be a country of huge growth in almost all respects, with technology use increasing at a pace that few other countries can even get close to. 

As a burgeoning economy and a country with a total population of 3 times that of the UK, there is little doubt that in time Brazil will usurp the United Kingdom in use of Twitter (but don't hold your breath, it could be 3-5 years or more).

Other countries in the Top 10 were as follows:


5.  Canada - 2.92%

6.  India - 2.87%

7.  France - 1.76%

8.  Indonesia - 1.43%

9.  Iran - 0.88%

10. Ireland - 0.85%


Businesses creating Twitter accounts in the UK have been particularly prevalent in our experience of the last 3 months.  The surge of SME's continues but still leaves millions yet to embrace social media marketing.

The success of many is often tempered by the failure of others, though it is increasingly apparent that many organisations that join the platform see it as a 'quick fix' solution and adopt a far too 'broadcast only' stance, with very obvious and off-putting sales related content dominating their contributions.

The traditional methods of marketing are often applied on Twitter by newcomers with an unfortunate amount of naivity in respect of how astute their audience is - not to mention the fact that very few actually manage to connect with their market due to a lack of understanding of Twitter.

Nonetheless, it's good to see the UK continues to take Twitter to its heart and explore its potential as a communicator of news, builder of relationships and outstanding platform for increased visibility.



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