Twitter adds profile header feature

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Twitter has rolled out a new feature that organisations and companies will be quick to make use of - the profile header.

The new facility was added earlier this week and allows you to add a branded graphic, onto which account information is automatically overlaid, on to the "Me" section of your account.

Social Media Training Solutions have been busy designing and finalising our own header and you can now see it in place (click the image below to go to our full Twitter profile page):

Social media training Twitter header


Adding a header to your account is easy to do.  Go to the Settings section of your account and then select the "Design" option from the left sided menu.

Scroll down the page and just above the "Background" settings you'll notice a new section titled "Header".

Social media training Twitter header


The available space, a size of 1200 x 600, and allowing for a filesize of 5mb gives you ample opportunity to create a graphic that communicates the message you want to profile visitors.

However, you may find that you'll have to work hard to get the precise positioning of elements within the graphic to your liking.  The automatic placement of account information (your profile picture, account name, username, biography and website link) can prove problematic until you get the measurements correct.

Nonetheless, it's a welcome new feature that adds a little more substance to the "Me" section and a valuable addition for any account holder to make use of.



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