The new, improved, TweetDeck

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TweetDeck has long since been one of the third party applications we recommend for social media campaigners to manage their activity.

Packed with features, its multi-column layout allows users to keep an eye on all manner of feeds.

However, we've not been short on our criticism of the application on more than one occasion.  It's good to see a new and much improved version appears to have resolved some of our complaints (and those of others, it must be said).

To begin with they've added the ability to move to a column of your choice from a centrally located drop down menu - saving you the task of cycling (scrolling) horizontally (and always managing to go past the column you wanted!).

Apple Mac users with Trackpads will also be pleased to learn TweetDeck now supports gesture control - so you can now 'sweep' through the columns on the pad.

One addition with columns that we really like is that, by using the centrally located column drop down menu, you can drag and drop column titles to re-order them.  It might seem like a small and insignificant tweak but it'll make the user experience much less frustrating at times.

They've also brought in the "View conversation" facility, something we've become incredibly fond of since its introduction on the Twitter website.

The biggest improvement in our opinion comes in the form of an action icon on every tweet that gives you access to a full range of options such as reply, direct message, following a user, blocking and so on.  In terms of increased useability that's a big change that we think will make life much easier.

For all its power we've often found TweetDeck lets itself down in the real-world useability stakes.  With this release, all of the changes seem well thought out, worthwhile and we envisage them being welcomed by new and current users.



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