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We were encouraged by the findings of US based social media marketing firm, Buddy Media, recently - because they've echoed a few of the most simple Twitter techniques we've been shouting long and hard about.

They've looked at over 300 of the worlds biggest brand names on Twitter and analysed their Twitter activity over a period of 3 months; the results reveal some of the most basic guidelines about Twitter marketing simply aren't being adhered to.

To begin with they've revealed that the brands didn't do what you might do in normal life - they didn't ask people to help them spread the word!  If you think about it, most people in a commercially orientated role will always ask a customer or contact to pass them a referral, spread their name, recommend a friend and so on.  Yet it doesn't happen on Twitter!  Or at least not often enough.

Buddy Media gave cause for the accounts to start doing it by revealing that asking people to "RT" a post will give x12 increaase in retweets!  However, if you actually use the full word, i.e. "retweet", that jumps to a staggering x23!

They went on to discuss the timing of tweets, something our clients will know we're all too keen to stress as a vital factor.  If you're not tweeting when your followers are most likely to be reading - then why waste the effort?

Buddy Media discovered that most of the accounts could be missing out on around 17% extra feedback because of this timing flaws when posting.

The other point of note was that people still don't use Hashtags to their advantage.  We find this very common but the fact some of the biggest brands on the planet are falling into this trap is surprising.  It's a simple fact that tweets with Hashtags will return twice the engagement of those without.

With all of this in mind it's even more surprising that 77% of brands said Twitter was a top priority for them - yet they don't seem to be doing their homework!



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