The Power of Social Media : Case Study

Cisco Social Media Product Launch

Cisco? Have you ever heard of them? They are a technology giant. This case study shows the power of Social Media and it's ability to spread a message you are looking to convey.

Last year, Cisco wanted to prove beyond doubt that they were benefiting from using Social Media as a tool within their orginisation. So how could they do this? The proof lay within a product launch : the Aggregated Services Router (ASR) launch to be precise.

The company launched this router only using their Social Media platforms... to a saving of over $100,000.

The company used a variety of online methods to launch and raise awareness of the product including :

The launch is considered as one of the top five the company have ever done. The ASR launch delivered outstanding numbers of people taking part in digital events, sharing online press releases and information and it is even considered that 42,000 gallons of petrol were saved by people not travelling to events!

Impressive numbers! Hopefully this will help to prove the capabilities of Social Media for those who are not quite turned yet? Where do you sit on the Social Media fence within you business?


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