The King of Twitter, literally

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Twitter has a new King, or at least for today.  The news that scientists in England have identified the body of King Richard III, discovered under a car park in Leicester, sent the former monarch trending globally on the social media platform.

Various terms had already started trending in the United Kingdom but, as soon as the news was formally announced, it was picked up by news channels and sites across the globe and began trending under the hashtag of #richardiii.

Analysis of other related hashtags and phrases suggests that the 600 year old discovery has seen at least 100,000 tweets within hours of the official confirmation.

Whilst such statistics may seem meaningless to marketing on Twitter, they're far from it and serve to remind business users of the pre-planned opportunities that exist.


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The news of such a discovery immediately brings attention on social media to a much wider range of subjects than the story content itself.

Leicester, the City at the centre of the discovery, is the focus of significant attention and has seen a tenfold increase in mentions to that which it'd see on even a busy day on Twitter.

Tourist organisations can hook onto the connections with the historic elements of England.  Tweets mentioning "England" have more than quadrupled in a matter of hours.

Museums, galleries and places of historic interest are immediately given additional focus as social media users from all parts of the UK and overseas are reminded of the long Royal past England has.

We're not quite sure how car parks might benefit - but we're sure if you think about it for long enough you'll be able to find a humorous angle on which to make the most of your tweets today!



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