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If you're addicted to Facebook or Twitter then you'll be pleased to know there are talented designers out there thinking of you.

However, we're not talking about web designers.  No, these are product designers of an entirely different type - and their ingenious ideas are something to behold.

First up we've got the bed for every Facebook Addict.  In fact it's much more than a bed (well, it's a concept at present, but keep your fingers crossed) - it's also the perfect place for your monitor, computer, keyboard and mouse.  You'll not have to move far from your sleeping place to have full use of your favourite social media platform!

Conceived by Croatian designer, Tomislav Zvonaric, the design has apparently received lots of enquiries but we're not aware of it going further than the model stage at present.  Great idea for a quirky bed though!

Facebook bed


Next up is something that is far more than it might at first appear. 

The Tweeting Seat might seem to be little more than a cleverly designed bench to perch (sorry!) yourself on whilst checking Twitter, but it's what is hidden inside and around it that makes it such a clever idea.

Tweeting Seat

See, this bench recognises when someone sits on it.  Then, it uploads images it takes of those that sit on it to a live Twitter feed!  One camera is in the bench itself and the other is in the surrounding area.

If you click on the image of the Tweeting Seat above you'll be able to see a full description and more images of it on the blog of its creator, Chris McNicholl.


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