Social media at the fore of public communications

The power of Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook have obviously grown to record breaking numbers and continue to do so as social media platforms, and more and more agencies and businesses are now realising the power that all social media plays in public communications.

The Highlands and Islands Strategic Co-ordinating Group (HISCG), the group that looks after public safety during emergencies and crisis in Scotland has taken the lead in utilising the powers of social media to keep the public informed of major incidents.

The group has established a presence on two of the most common social media platforms. They recognise the role social media plays in peoples lives and have moved to keep up with technology and use it as is best for all involved.

HISCG consists of, not exclusively, services such as the police, fire and rescue, ambulances and the coastguard. The group last met for emergency action in 2009 during the Swine Flu pandemic.

Updates will not only be provided on the sites by the emergency services, but the public will also be able to advise on situations if at or near the scenes of major incidents. A very powerful example of how Social Media can be used.


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