Social Media ideas for Small Businesses

Social Media Platforms

A couple of quick and easy pointers that you might like to try to help to engage with your audience and grow your numbers on your Social Media Networks.

If you are new to social media and are looking to quickly grow your numbers there are a few techniques highlighted below that might be able to help. These are a small number of the techniques discussed in our Social Media Training courses if you are looking for more in-depth and specific knowledge.

  1. Gift Cards - Offering incentives such as monthly money off vouchers will have a two fold effect of generating interest, but more importantly will keep your customers returning and engaging with your Social Media accounts on a regular basis. This provides an excellent opportunity to sell your products.
  2. Free Service - Ask a question about your business and provide a small free service to the first 5 correct answers. This will get people talking about your business on their platforms and help brand awareness.
  3. Polls - Asking questions about popular culture, music, sports or other media topics can be a great way to bring attention to yourself via Social Media.
  4. Treasure Hunt - Hide an answer to a question within your website, news or blog and offer a prize to the person who first contacts you with the correct result. If you run several business, are launching a new business or have partners you work with, running a cross site Treasure Hunt can be a superb way online marketing technique that engages your audience.
  5. Photo Competition - Get creative! Ask your customers to come up with creative and inventive photographs related to your products / services / brand / logo / location. Use the best one and heavily feature it in your marketing. The interest will be excellent! You could run a bi-yearly or annual competition. This technique is well used bu Red Bull and E4 with their animation competitions.

We hope you have gathered some interesting ideas on how to promote yourself better on your Social Media Channels to better engage your audience. Let us know how you get on!


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