Social Media Trend Predictions for 2012

Social Media Trends

We have been looking at what we think is going to make real strides in the year ahaad with regards our speciality, Social Media.

We here at Social Media use various platforms on a daily basis, and train people to successfully use Social Media for their businesses as an occupation.

Here are what we think the year ahead is going to bring :

  1. Google+ will finally live up to the hype - the continued integration of their social media platform into search results will see the popularity of the network grow this year.
  2. Further rise of interest-driven networks - although nothing new, interest driven online communities will really come to prominence this year such as DeviantART, behance and will grow in popularity and membership. New ones will emerge as the trend catches on.
  3. Social Shopping will go BOOM! - We will all see fashion at the forefront of Social Media this year as advertise fight for prime places on networks. Consumers will find out about new products, discounts and trends on their social media networks, making the space available on them hot property! You will also be able to buy directly from social media networks!
  4. 2012 will be all about promximity and location. Again, this is not something new with dating services and social networks already available that place you in close proximity to others, but we will see a huge boost in their popularity. Sites offering the closest offers and deals will be huge this year.
  5. Online social gaming will become more prominent. No longer will games be made for downloads, but browser based gaming is going to make a huge comeback for convenience and competition. The return of the arcade!

What predictions have you got for the year ahead? Do they match our predictions, or do you think we've missed out on something that's going to take us by surprise? Let us know!


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