Social Media Marketing and Your Business

Social Media Training for Businesses

Are you using Social Media yet? If not, why not?

Yet again an online survey has dramatically increased the weight behind the argument that your business, however big, should be using Social Media as a marketing tool.

Pardot, the authors of the survey, provided some interesting insights based on businesses surveyed in October 2011. Of the participants, NONE are inactive on social media platforms with 80% taking advantage of free software to manage their campaigns.

Over 50% indicated a 10% spend of their marketing budget dedicated to social media, while an impressive 40% commented that upto 10% of their lead generation was from some form of social media.

More and more companies and organisations are turning to social media as cost effective methods for sales generation, brand awareness and customer contact. 11% of the companies surveyed pointed to having a social media policy for their business.

If you would like to join the growing list of businesses using social media networks as a marketing tool, you can take advantage of Social Media Training directly on your premeses. See our courses by clicking the link above.


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