Simple social media branding at Christmas

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As the festive period approaches (rapidly!), now is the time to start preparing simple branding changes for your social media presence.

The impact of aesthetic change to your familiar imagery on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can have a surprisingly eye-catching effect.  

Yet, it demands minimal resource and gives you an effective way of standing out from the crowd.

In this article we take a look at the changes you might want to look at for showing attention to detail, a commitment to your social media campaigns and for keeping that edge over competitors online.



Facebook gives you two very easy to implement opportunities that help you add a fresh and festive appeal to your Timeline.


Timeline cover image

To begin with you've got your Timeline cover image.  Adding a Christmas theme to it, a message for the Christmas period or even using it to promote a festive period offer - they all have additional impact.

Wishing your customers a Merry Christmas in your posts is one thing, but it's also lost all too often.  Fixing a message within your Timeline header gives an opportunity to utilise a position that won't be lost amongst a plethora of posts.


Profile picture

Whilst your Facebook profile picture is a small graphic, it still lends itself open to change.  We've even seen something as simple as small dusting of snow on the top of a brand name before - and the comments it received for the subtlety of the end result were impressive.

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Twitter gives you 3 very good ways of drawing image-based attention to your profile.


Profile Header Image

This recent introduction to your ability to brand a Twitter profile allows sufficient space for an embedded Christmas message, a festive theme being applied to its existing design or even a complete new scene for maximum attention.


Profile Photo

Your Profile Photo (the small graphic that appears alongside your tweets) is another chance to add a subtle design change.  It's very similar to the Facebook Profile image in respect of what you can do with it, but it's another method for making your tweets stand out in the feed of your followers.


Account Background

The Twitter background image provides you with the most creative canvas for a festive theme.  However, don't forget it won't be seen by many people and the volume of mobile visitors (who won't see it at all) continues to rise quickly on Twitter.

Nonetheless, for attention to detail and maximum impact, your Twitter background provides a space for you to present a high impact festive theme or message.



Pinterest provides an altogether different opportunity.  Its ability to create a feeling of involvement and cultivate a relationship is providing to be a powerful ally to its already impressive connection capability.


Christmas in your organisation

If you've any Christmas based events, if you've just put your office decorations up, if the tree is looking a little worse for wear - Pinterest is a fabulous platform on which to open up a Board for presenting a very 'human' side to your business.

Maybe you support a local charity and donate gifts to them at this time of year?  If you do, Pinterest and a Christmas themed Board is a perfect opportunity to post a picture of your efforts.

The opportunities for Christmas boards are endless.  It largely depends on the impression you want to create and how far you're prepared to go, but you'll find they're a good ice-breaker (no pun intended!), Boards are always popular for referrals through to them from Twitter and they allow you to keep somewhat 'informal' postings to a platform more suited to them.

Or, take the Cover Image of all your existing boards and add a festive theme to it (just amend the original image and upload it as a new image, then you can remove it once the holiday period is over).


All of the above are simple yet effective branding changes that will hopefully get you thinking about any other opportunities that might exist for your company.

If you come up with any ideas of your own, let us know.  We'd love to hear of anything truly unique and we'll happily post it on our blog for you!





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