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Pinterest has rolled out a much requested feature to its search function. 

Those faithful to the ever growing social media network will have encountered the frustration that surfaces when you try to find one of your own pins.  Over time your boards expand and your volume of pins gets to a level that it becomes increasingly difficult to find something of your own pinning!

Previously you've had no choice to either trawl through your boards manually (and in our case that is excruciating when we've got 1,000+ pins on our "Places we'd rather be" board!) or to do a full site search and hope your pin can be located swiftly!

Now you can filter full site searches to show only your own pins.


The Pinterest search filter function

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As you can see from the screen shot above, you simply perform a standard full site search.  You'll then see a small box appear in the top left of where serch results are shown, with the option to filter results to your own pins only.

We're delighted to see that Pinterest are making progress on refining functionality and starting to react to user requests.  If the platform is to reach it's true potential then there is still some way to go, but there is no doubt the modifications they have been making recently are to the benefit of all users.

We'd like to see a refinement of their Analytics feature next.  It offers an insight (no Facebook pun intended) for users but could do more.  We'd like to see a combined graph of Likes and Repins by Country for starters.


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