Pinteresting progress

Pinterest progress

Pinterest is a platform that still seems to receive a look of "What?" from clients when we first mention it. 

Whilst 'those in the know' may have sampled it and tried to work out where it fits in the social media jungle, there is no doubt that it is making major in-roads and continues to grow at an impressive rate.

The social bookmarking service, AddThis, has now added more strength to the Pinterest argument by releasing information that will have the marketing people at Google+ putting their heads in their hands, and should bring a look of interest from anyone with a brand that fits well with the Pinterest user profile.

AddThis refer to Pinterest as a 'shopping-friendly' audience and we'd certainly support that view. 

If your target market is a female dominated one, or focused on fashion and retailaholics then Pinterest is somewhere you should be devoting time to - at least to assess what opportunities it may present to you.

For a start they claim that referrals from Pinterest are 30% higher than those from Twitter.  They went on to reveal that the number of people following brand names on Pinterest rose by a collosal 26% last month. 

Statistics unveiled on the ways users access Pinterest may suggest this is an audience with a higher level of disposable income too (a view that could be challenged, but it's a train of thought we're confident of). 

Two thirds of visitors to Pinterest access the site via an Apple device - and there are enough statistics out there to tell you the average Apple user has a higher level of disposable income than we care to list.

A quick search on Twitter alone for the term 'Pinterest' will show you a small selection of the very big name brands that are promoting their Pinterest presences with vigour.  The likes of Liberty, Harper, Waterstones and a host of women's magazines were amongst the first few pages of results.

If Pinterest is proving to be a retail hit as the figures suggest, and you're pursuing a social media strategy on Facebook, Twitter and the better known platforms, you'd be wise to give it consideration.

We're still of the view that Pinterest will become a bigger player in social media networking in months and years to come.  As it gets investment (which it is actively doing now and has people queuing up to throw money at it) it's only going to get stronger.




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