Pinterest unveils new categories

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Pinterest is rolling out 3 new categories and has renamed a few others.

Observant users will noticed the small red "New" appear by the side of the main categories menu but might not have realised what the new items are.

The additions are:

They've also renamed the following categories:

The first thing that strikes us is that Weddings is a welcome addition.  With very high proportion of female users and a huge collection of wedding related content on it, we're surprised it's taken this long for the category to be added.

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If you're running a business connected with weddings in any way, shape or form, the new category presents an opportunity to highlight your products or services even more.  Categories are often the first port of call for many browers of Pinterest and the addition of Weddings at the top level is certain to bring a greater level of exposure.

Photographers, venues, caterers, dress and garment designers and manufacturers, bars, car hire companies and many more can now garner greater views by proper categorisation of their pins and boards.

The Tattoos category presents the same opportunity to an obvious band of Pinterest users. 

Quotes is a welcome addition if only to better organise the plethora of motivational or funny graphics and posts that have appeared in volumes recently.

The renaming of the other categories is a step in the right direction as both have been far too specific in relation to the vast amount of content posted by users.  At least we won't have to see the questionable Hippopotamus in the pets section from now on!



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