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When it comes it high impact presentation of content, few social media platforms can rival Pinterest for sheer aesthetic appeal and interest.

So we've put together a collection of social media Infographics that many of our regular readers (and new) should find interesting.

We'll keep building this Pinterest Board too.  At present it already contains all manner of graphical representations.  You'll find Platform v Platform comparisons, country specific statistics, gender breakdowns, platform specific infographics that go into huge amounts of detail and even a few devoted to the roles and lives of Social Media Managers (they make for interesting reading!).


Pinterest Infographic Board


If you've yet to embrace or even try Pinterest, now is the time to do it.  If your organisation is involved in any sector where high value is put on point of sale of high impact promotional material - Pinterest let's you put your product in a shop window like no other platform.

Fashion, design and retail trades love it, and rightly so.  It has a very high concentration of female users and if you want to reach an audience for luxury, designer or home styles, Pinterest delivers.

Another of our blog articles recently highlighted an interesting point too - Pinterest demonstrates a very high rate of conversion from browsers to purchases.  If that hasn't got your attention, nothing will.

You can find the full Board of Infographics at the link below.

Pinterest Social Media Infographics board by Social Media Training Solutions


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