Pinterest launches analytics

Pinterest training courses - web analytics introduced

Pinterest has announced the immediate launch of web analytics, finally giving users an insight into their true activity and reach.

The new feature is available to Pinterest users with verified website addresses as part of their account profiles.

The system comes with what Pinterest calls a "New Look" too, although there isn't a great deal of aesthetic change other than the dropping of the left hand Repin table and a newly laid out profile drop-down menu, giving more space for pins on screen.

Pinterest Analytics works in a way Google Analytics users will be familiar with, allowing you to set timeframes in which data is collated.

You can see how many of your pins have been repinned, who has pinned them, other content that they pin beside yours, and you can export your data too.


Pinterest launches web analytics features


It's a welcome addition to an excellent platform although we experienced a few delays in data collation when changing report parameters.

We were interested to note our recent blog entry about Pinterest Arts and Crafts users was our most clicked pin.  We tracked this back to our own website Analytics software and it proved to be true, so there is no doubt there are swiftly accessible data snippets to be had.

The benefits of Pinterest have been difficult to assess on-site and this new feature, whilst nowhere near as powerful as Facebook Insights, is hopefully the start of showing using how to maximise their most popular content.

You can see the full announcement and instructions from Pinterest on how to access web analytics by clicking here.




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