Pinterest driving DIY and Crafts businesses

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As Pinterest continues as the headline-grabbing social media platform of growth at present, online technology site Mashable has revealed its power in the DIY & Crafts sector.

Speaking to Mashable, Pinterest have revealed even they've taken note of the huge popularity of their site amongst "Crafters" and those who like to try their hand at "DIY".

Pinterest have said the "DIY and Crafts" category is one of its most widely used.

They weren't able to give Mashable precise figures (strikes us as odd, but we've no reason to doubt their claim) but they said they had noticed large amounts of traffic in holiday-related or seasonal crafts. 

With Christmas rapidly approaching they'll be having to recharge the server batteries soon!

They cite, through other commentators, a lot of Pinterest users taking inspiration from the plethora of DIY and Craft related content now on the site.  We can completely agree with this, the inspirational qualities of Pinterest are possible the best of any social network we've ever seen.

Pinterest Training Courses


One online Craft store told Mashable that Pinterest was now their second highest referrer of traffic after Facebook.

A quick search of "Crafts" or "DIY" on Pinterest leaves you in no doubt as to how immensely populated the site is with content.  You'll find everything from childrens arts and crafts to jewellery, how to make the perfect trinket box and even how to build your own complete home furniture range - there is something for everyone.

However, it's when you consider the extremely high conversion rates of Pinterest that you'd have to be crazy not to put effort into your boards if DIY or Crafts are related to the sector in which you operate.

Pinterest consistently delivers high quality traffic to sites according to all the recent surveys and with a high female membership number the target audience is perfect.

So, if you're a retailer, a DIY business, a small craft or cottage-industry worker and you've not quite got your effort to the level it should be on Pinterest yet - why not?

You're missing an excellent opportunity from what is the shop window of choice for so many right now.



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