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Pinterest training courses

As the fastest growing social media platform, Pinterest is a channel we get a lot of questions about.

Aesthetically superb, with fantastic backlinking opportunities and rapid connection growth for good content, it's not difficult to see why it continues to be a platform to which many organisations are devoting increased resources.

An area of Pinterest that we've noticed a lot of people seem to miss offers the opportunity to participate in suggestions.

Called the "Top ideas and feature requests" page you'll find all manner of useful requests on it, many of which you'll probably have thought about in the past.

What's more, Pinterest update it (although they'd not done so yet).  They'll tell you what is planned and what is done.  You can look at the most popular ideas or just the most recent.

A screenshot that links to the page is shown below:

Pinterest training courses


Why does it matter?

It matters because you can vote for suggestions from other users, so it's a genuine opportunity for the Pinterest community to drive the direction it takes (to a degree).

You can have your say on the features you'd like to see.

Not only that, you can submit requests of your own for others to vote on.


Private Board requests

One of the items under discussion at present (and you can vote for it) is a request to create Private Boards - i.e. boards that you share with specific users but aren't public.  We think that'd be a good addition.  If you agree, go and vote for it!


Reorganise pins

There's another request asking for the ability reorganise pins.  We think this would be a terrific development and is something we've often wanted to do.  Again - the opportunity is there for the Pinterest community to drive the change, so please vote for it if it's a feature you want to see.


So, if you'd like to help drive Pinterest in the direction you think it should go, or even if you'd just like to use the section as a spur for ideas - you have the chance and we'd encourage you to take it.


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