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As Pinterest continues to penetrate the social media landscape at pace, more and more companies are using it as a platform for brand building.

Portfolio's of work (as we've discussed before on our Blog), collections of products and all manner of Pinterest boards are springing up by the day.  With the high conversion rate Pinterest offers (visitors converting to customers) it's no surprise that its success is continuing.

However, we've been asked about collaborative Pinterest boards.  That is, boards to which organisations can have multiple staff work on, or even people from outside of the organisation.

Well we're pleased to say the solution is very easy. You need Contributor Boards.

They operate in precisely the same way as any other board, but the difference is you invite people to contribute to them.  You don't have to do this when you set a board up, you can make any board a contributor board.

Below a screen shot showing you how to do it.



One thing to bear in mind, as you'll see above, is that anyone you want to be a contributor needs to have at least one Pinterest board of their own - and you need to be following it.

If that prerequisite is met then you'll find that as you start typing their name in the "Add" box, Pinterest will autocomplete it for you.

The advantages are clear - you can have a single board (or collection of boards) with multiple accounts responsible for adding content.

It's a great way of building a portfolio of work and spreading the social media content administration workload.  It's also a very good way of establishing external communications if you think about it. 

Contacts can submit ideas, clubs can use them as an excellent sharing resource and boards can be built quickly.

Quick to set up, easy to administer and change, fast to build in content - that's Contributor Boards.




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