Pinterest continues to challenge Twitter

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We've been supporters of Pinterest from a business branding perspective for a long time.  Our readers will be used to seeing our articles on the platform and emphasising that, in our experience, Pinterest continues to grow at a rapid rate across all demographic groups.

Today, new statistics from Pew suggest that Pinterest is now presenting a serious challenge to Twitter in its share of social media users.

Whilst Twitter attracts 16% of all social media users, Pinterest now attracts a remarkably strong 15%. 

So, of all those using social media, 2012 witnessed huge growth for Pinterest.

Activity on Pinterest isn't in the league of activity on Twitter, but the point is that more and more people are seeing the attraction of an aesthetically attractive and quick-to-browse platform that offers visual appeal far greater than almost any other.

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The report continues to reinforce the fact that Pinterest attracts a lot of female users, particular in the group under 50 years of age.

Retailers wanting to connect with a female, fashion, style and home-aware audience would do well to note females are x5 more likely to use Pinterest than their male counterparts.

The sheer depth and breadth of content we've seen arriving on Pinterest in recent months would suggest the female dominance will lessen.  Indeed it already has from the days when almost 80% of users were women.

However, the report from Pew couldn't be any clearer. Pinterest hasn't gone away and is not going to.  It has strengthened its position and occupies an almost unique position in appearance - and is beginning to make significant progress in penetrating social media share.



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