Pinterest closes in on YouTube

Pinterest training

The time a user spends consuming media has long since been a highlight of YouTube.  With an average of just under 16.5 minutes a day being spent by users on YouTube it has become the platform of choice for those content publishers that recognise the value of audience time.

However, as a relative newcomer to the scene, Pinterest is rapidly closing the gap to YouTube.

Recent statistics suggest Pinterest users are averaging just under 16 minutes a day on the site - so YouTube's crown could soon be stolen.

When it comes to referrals (clicks from Pinterest through to external websites) it's already showing the power of a captivated audience with three times the number offered by YouTube.  The fact that over 3.5% of its user base follow links to external web presences is something any marketeer cannot ignore.

We're going to be actively monitoring the growth of Pinterest referrals in particular because of the potential time to conversion value they offer to publishers and we'll bring you more information when we've collated it.



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