Pinterest and the Weddings sector

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Pinterest has long since been recognised as a social media platform where fashion and style markets can thrive.

The visual power of it is difficult to match and if a product or service relies on immediate appeal through photography, little else delivers like Pinterest can.

Recent statistics published by Pinterest have reinforced this to a quite remarkable extent for one sector in particular; Weddings.

The area has a fervent, loyal and vast following on the platform.  It reveals an opportunity that many companies have exploited for some time, but the volume of interest and content is now at a level where it is impossible for anyone to ignore.

The latest figures suggest there are now over 34 million Pins of wedding outfits alone.

That is in addition to similarly huge numbers in wedding venues, flowers (specific to weddings), caligraphy (in respect of wedding invitations), wedding photography (and engagement photography), wedding venues, honeymoon destinations and the ever present wedding cakes.

When we deliver social media training, and Pinterest is mentioned, we've seen a noticeable increase in the number of people (usually females in their 20's and early 30's) that already use the platform and mention weddings as being one of the primary reasons they opened an account.


Pinterest Training


Most of these users will say they use it for wedding ideas and inspiration, and for that there is almost nothing to rival the content, ease of access and the impact it can have on those in the sector.

Some organisations in the sector have been using Pinterest for a long time, being more commercially aware of the potential it has for large volumes of traffic delivery and brand awareness.  However, it is now impossible for anyone with even the most distant of service or product connections to weddings to ignore it.

The fact that women on Pinterest are, according to comScore, 46% more likely to make fashion related purchases than average buyers, is motivation alone for any late-comers to the platform to secure their presence as soon as possible.

People even use Pinterest for publishing wedding gift lists, with Secret Boards offering a unique and private ability for buyers to view the items the bride and groom seek.

If you're a company involved in the sector that has yet to leverage the visibility Pinterest offers, don't leave it too long.  Whilst user registrations continue to grow, and weddings will have a long-standing appeal to many of those joining, the opportunity exists now for the development of a solid social media presence that will offer any brand a new avenue for traffic.




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