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Pinterest has enjoyed a period of unparalleled success over the last 12 months.  It continues to grow at a rate few other platforms can rival and has become a favourite of home and business users alike.

We've been using it ourselves for a considerable time now.  A recent 'milestone' on our account reminded us of something that many users may be completely unaware of.  As we reached and passed the 5,000 pins mark, we wondered how many Pinterest users are aware that their account carries limitations?

These limitations come in three basic forms.

Number of boards - yes, there is a limit to how many boards you can have.  Pinterest have been generous though, because the limit is set at 350 and we can't think of how even the most avid of pinners might wish to create more than that.

Number of pins - this is set at 100,000.  Whilst that might sound like more than enough, we're not sure whether or not it is something Pinterest might have to revisit in the future.  As the platform grows, older accounts will inevitably approach this mark without necessarily being pinners of an addictive nature.  As is demonstrated by ourselves, we've easily reached the 5,000 mark with only moderate amounts of posting (and the vast majority of those are on one board with over 4,000 pins on it).

Number of likes - this one puzzles us.  We understand the possible reasons for limiting board creation and pin volume.  They will, without question, consume more storage space.  But likes?  The limit is set at 100,000 and that is a number that we feel a good few users might not find too generous in the future.

So be aware, as you feed your pinning habit bear in mind the possibility of the dreaded "Maximum number of likes, pins or boards" message in the future.


Pinterest training courses - account limitations




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