Online Reputation Management (ORM) - heard of it?

Social Media Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is something that you might not of even heard of.  Why?  Because it something yet to be relevant for your business. Once you do hear about it though, the chances are it's too late!

Social media platforms are potential powder kegs for organisations. Reputations can be severley and rapidly damaged or destroyed by both complaints and rumours, true or untrue.

Every company should be ready with a plan of action of how to deal with such an event, should it ever arise. Implementing an ORM policy will arm your front-line social media staff with the correct responses in order to avert a crisis.

Good practices, such as responding quickly to complaints on social media, and planning, such as knowing how to deal with angry customers online, are excellent methods that should be included in any ORM document for your company.

With the huge increase in use of social media, is your business prepared in the use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Why not check out our Social Media Training courses to ensure your staff have the knowledge to prevent such a crisis in reputation for your business!


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