MySpace is back - with a bang

MySpace is back - with a bang

The social media platform that started (in the eyes of many) it all off is back - and in a very big way visually.

Today sees the return of MySpace with what must surely be the biggest comeback attempt in the history of social media.  They've tried before, but certainly not on this scale.

Forgotten by many and scoffed at by others, MySpace has given a public unveiling that is now there for all to see.

After a beta release period, the new site is now live and we'll be surprised if many visitors can fail to be anything other than very impressed with the aesthetic appeal of it.

With Justin Timberlake adorning the new welcome page, MySpace has opted for big, bold, immersive and feature-rich.  Our initial thoughts are that they've created something rather special in looks, but we'll need to delve a little deeper before giving our full review of the site.


MySpace roll out the stars...

Social Media Training - MySpace


What it holds in store for corporate users and marketeers will be an other exercise, but the signs are there that they might just have hit on something to bring a certain demographic back to their brand.

Browsing through the slider-arrangement of search results is an incredibly slick and smooth experience - but is it form over functionality?  We're not sure at this stage but there is no doubt it gives a superb profile to those that feature in it.


Big images, big impact

Social Media Training - MySpace


Streaming music to your desktop through the lower control panel adds to the experience but the full screen slider images are perhaps what will hit most.

Typing a search string in point 72 font is certainly a whole new idea on us where social media is concerned.  Big.  Everything is big.


An interface with a difference

Social Media Training - MySpace


Take a look and we'll give you our fuller views in due course.

It's live, it's big and it's certainly back - we're just not sure for how long.


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