Megaupload forced to erase users data?

Megaupload to erase all data

We've all heard of the huge fall from grace of Megaupload which has been plastered over almost every news worthy website over the past couple of weeks and months. Now there is a possibility of the data from its users being permenantly removed and deleted.

Megaupload's assets and money have been frozen because of the ongoing investigation into the websites reported illegal activity. This, it has been said, has left hosting and data storage companies bills unpaid, meaning the potential deletion of all of the data from the website.

Although Megaupload has been used for illegal file sharing, the majority of its users legally share and store content online. Critics are claiming that it is unfair to punish those paying for services that are legal provided by the website.

We would like to hear where you stand on the argument regarding Megaupload.

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