Male v Female social media statistics

Social media user statistics

A recent study into the split of social media users by gender reveals some interesting statistics.  Whilst none of the results are particularly surprising they do emphasise the point that some networks have very visible dominance for one gender.

For example, LinkedIn is very much the platform dominated by men comprising 63% of their total user base.

Google+ is even moreso, perhaps related to our previously stated "tech-sector" use, with over two thirds of its members being male.

However, the two major platforms of Facebook and Twitter continue to be more popular amongst females.  The exact breakdown revealed by the study is as follows:

From our research that shows that the percentage of female users on Facebook is actually dropping.  In our opinion this is almost certainly because of the high early adoption rate amongst women, now being caught by more and more men joining the giant of all platforms.

Twitter is more interesting.  Perhaps more females have become familiar with the tweeting style of social networks and moved from Facebook or started to use both platforms?

There are a couple of snippets of information within that too, with a higher proportion of women upating their Facebook status daily (18%) compared to men (11%).

One platform where the results back up our stance on its core user base is Pinterest, with a staggering 82% female user base.  If you're involved in a sector where women are your primary audience then there is little doubt Pinterest remains a haven for all things female!

The monitoring of the gender split on social media is an important factor when considering your target audience.  It is clear that certain platforms lend themselves to one gender more than the other, or are at least more popular in some respects.



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