LinkedIn gets a facelift

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HR and recruitment professionals will be very excited about this one - and maybe a few other people too.

LinkedIn have redesigned their homepage and the new design was described by Mashable as a cross between Facebook and Google+.  We think they're right.

However, if you're in the United Kingdom and can't see any difference yet, don't panic.  It looks to us as though there is a phased roll-out with some users seeing the new page and others not.  So be patient and you should be able to give your own feedback on it soon.

Our view is that it's an improvement.  It is certainly cleaner and more professional looking than the predecessor.

We also think it might encourage users to explore what their contacts are doing a little more, but in our opinion updates are easier to see and more likely to encourage greater lengths of time on the site.  If that was LinkedIn's goal then they may well achieve it.

Of all the social media platforms we've always found LinkedIn to be rather unfriendly in navigation.  It's one of the platforms that we're able to show a lot of features on that users have simply never known existed - and in many cases that's down to bad site design and a lack of features promotion.

Now, they're more apparent.

We particulary like the black background of the header.  it gives a cleaner and more corporate feel as well as allow LinkedIn to highlight menu items more.

The cleaner and grey outlined column approach also seems to work.  

So far, so good.  

You can see the official LinkedIn blog announcement about the home page redesign at the link below.

LinkedIn launches new homepage


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