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Social media training days often result in us receiving the same question about different social media networks - why is it that the social media provider is often so poor at communication?

LinkedIn is regularly mentioned in this respect, especially when it comes to their handling of support requests.  Users complain of long response times in particular to queries raised.

When LinkedIn removed the Products and Services page functionality within Company pages, in April 2014, we were surprised how few organisations seemed aware of the changes.  LinkedIn had given prior notification of the change but it served as an example of just how few page Administrators read the communications they receive.

It therefore came as little surprise in the following months when we were regularly greeted with blank looks upon mentioning the newly introduced Showcase pages.

LinkedIn Showcase pages offer companies a new opportunity to highlight areas of their business, products or services.  However, even 4 months on from their release, we still see a very low take-up compared to those that had previously used the Products and Services function.

One of the drivers behind the release of Showcase pages appears to be the fact that LinkedIn recognised how few Company page owners ever felt the need to update their Products and Services.


LinkedIn Training


By swapping to Showcase pages this problem is solved.  A blank Showcase page, with little more than a header, doesn't represent a company in a particularly good light.  The need to revisit a page and add updates to it gives impetus for Administrators.  It also means LinkedIn was able to enhance the number of updates it could offer for Sponsored Update revenue.

Why should an organisation use Showcase pages then?

The simple fact is that they offer a great deal more.  They're more aesthetically appealing to begin with and the branding opportunity they give is obvious.  They also give the chance to highlight more of what an organisation has to offer. 

One group of people we've found keen on social media training to exploit this has been HR Managers.  They recognise that LinkedIn Showcase pages offer a Careers visibility boost.  Another group have been those in Sales or Marketing roles who understand the value of case studies on a Company page.

Updates posted to a LinkedIn Showcase page give a previously unavailable ability to categorise what your organisation says in an organic form.  They make it easier for Company page visitors to find what they want to without having to leave the perceived comfort of the LinkedIn site.

If you've not explored the possibilities of Showcase pages yet then it goes without saying that we'd be delighted to help you do so.  Take a look on LinkedIn and compare Company pages with them and without them.  It won't take long for anyone to see how much more professional they make a Company profile appear.




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