Keek grows by 200,000+ users a day

What is Keek?

Following our recent blog entry about Keek, we're not surprised to hear that their astonishing growth continues by the day.

Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Keek are said to be enjoying an influx of over 200,000 newly registered users every day.

The micro-video-blogging platform is rocketing in popularity in the United Kingdom and has now secured $18 million of funding to assist in the continuation of its expansion onto other platforms.  It'll also use the money to provide better infrastructure in light of the demand it is seeing.

Keek has published a set of very impressive statistics with its funding announcement.

It claims to be receiving a billion page views each month.  That comes from 75 million monthly visits from 15 million unique visitors.


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Keek surges ahead and receives new investment


Keek also say they're receiving over 4 million user videos a month - and if you break that down to an average month it equates to over 130,000 a day or in excess of 5,000 per hour.

Our expectations in respect of the potential for feedback and engagement on Keek is also enforced.    They claim the channel is generating 30 million "Follows" or "Subscribes" each month and over 8 million monthly comments or "Likes".

We remain of the view that Keek is a must-monitor channel.  Its growth so far has been impressive, consistent and the new funding can only further its ability to grow.

If you've not looked at it yet, and particularly if your target audience is a younger demographic group, you need to.  Along with Bubbly, it is is very much the trending channel of 2013 so far.



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