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With 2013 upon us there are thousands of companies across the UK and beyond assessing their social media marketing opportunities.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube will favour most heavily in the plans of the majority.

However, the astute will be on the look out for the newcomers and rising stars in the social media world - and adopting them at an early stage when they see a window worth exploring.

The last few words of the previous paragraph are quite fitting.  Looking through a window might comprise a quick glance.  Or, a Keek.  See, Keek is a Middle English term for taking a swift look at something.

It also happens to be the name of the latest social media channel to be demonstrating significant growth. 

Fans of British Olympic diver and host of ITV's "Splash", Tom Daley, might already know of it, because Tom has been speaking of his fondness of Keek very regularly of late.  We're inclined to agree with him - Keek is looking promising after a year of incubation and a dramatic recent surge in popularity.


What is Keek?

In short, think of YouTube.  Now, think of all the videos on YouTube being restricted to 36 seconds in length.  No more.  Now, imagine being able to shoot a 36 second video very conveniently and post it online ultra-quickly.

If you can envisage that, you've got Keek.  Of course it offers a great deal more than just the taking of videos - because the key to any social media platform is the ability engage and attract feedback, spread a message and connect with an audience.  Keek is certainly managing to provide all of the above right now.

It has grown to over 10 million users and is proving very addictive to a large number of UK visitors.

The concept isn't new, far from it.  There have been other platforms online for some time now, including the popular "Viddy" channel, but Keek has managed to stir publicity and attract an audience that is very keen to promote it.  Tom Daley is a good example - he even gave it a mention on ITV's primetime Breakfast show last week.

With a bright and intuitive interface, headlined by a control bar and all the important functions easily identifiable, Keek stands out from the crowd and has brought in investment from a number of bodies already.


Keek screenshot

Social media training - Keek



Who uses Keek and why should I consider it?

So why should you consider using Keek and what does it offer?

Much of the answer to this depends on your sector, the type of company you are and who your audience (target) is at present.  We've very deliberately said the words "at present" though - because there is ample evidence to suggest Keek could go well beyond where it is now in the audience it is attracting.

Let's take a look at who you can connect with on Keek as it is today.



Youth - the demographics of Keek users are very interesting.  The latest information we have available shows that over 80% of its users are aged between 13 to 25 years of age.

If the younger generations are your target market then there is no doubt whatsoever that Keek is a channel you should be giving serious strategic consideration to.

Gender - there is an approximate 65:35 split of gender of users, with the 65% being females.

So in addition to the youth statistic, if your ideal audience is young females then Keek joins Pinterest in a channel you should be focusing more keenly on (in fact with the widespread growth of Pinterest the Keek statistics are by far more dominated by young females).


Time, visits and content

The time users spend on the site is impressive, with over 60% of users visiting Keek at least 3 times a month - and there is enough evidence to suggest a high proportion of users checking the site on a daily basis.

Keek offers a subscription notification service to users too, so if someone they have an interest in posts a video the follower will receive an email telling them - so return and repeat-daily visits are become more common place.

The site is receiving in the region of 280 million page views per month from well in excess of 10 million users.

Content is growing at a rapidly compound rate, with over 8 million videos already on the site and some reports suggesting that daily uploads are now in excess of 100,000 videos.


Ease of viewing (not Tom Daley!)

Social Media Training - Keek and why it matters



User engagement

The number of feedback comments left on the best performing videos is vast and we're pleased to report that, on the whole, the channel doesn't yet seem to be suffering from overly abusive comments or those likely to lead to issue management requirements.

Hashtags are named "Klusters" on Keek and the search facility it offers at present seems reasonably capable. 

Keek even allows you to create private videos that can only be viewed by those you choose to share them with.



The site offers an excellent opportunity for micro-blogging content in video format.

By clicking a single button on the control panel menu, either on the website or the App (available for both Android and iPhone devices), Keek opens up the video recording facility and one more click starts the process.

When you're done (or run out of your 36 seconds!) - you post the video.  So in many respects it is a genuine 3 click process.  It's very impressive in the useability stakes.


Keek in the future

We fully expect the Keek user demographics to change and change quickly.  It has appeal, a unique and somewhat addictive format and presentation style - and we can see an appeal to Twitter users because of the similarities in the 'at a glance' nature of content.

We're in the process of generating a wealth of content ideas for Keek and will keep you updated as and when we finalise the list, but in the meantime we'd strongly recommend you take a look.

Or, to use the name of channel itself, should we say - take a Keek?



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