Is the LinkedIn crown slipping

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A survey by US based technology firm Jobvite suggests that the dominance of LinkedIn in the job seeking market is slipping.

The results from a 2,000 strong selection of employed and unemployed respondents show dramatic growth from Twitter and continued increase in the use of Facebook by those seeking employment.

We've been singing the praises of Twitter from a recruitment perspective for many years now.  Our clients would confirm it can reap substantial cost savings and gives the ability to connect with potential applicants in a way few others can.  However, its growth in use has surprised even us.

Twitter use, by job seekers, has risen from 26% to 34% - a dramatic rise by any social media platform standard.

Facebook has even more impressive use with a staggering 52% of people using it in their search for work.


LinkedIn under pressure from Twitter and Facebook


LinkedIn is used by 38% according to the survey.  So, whilst it is still showing higher use than Twitter, and its growth was equal at 8% from last year, it comes as a surprise for a platform that is so well known in recruitment and selection circles.

We were also interested to read that an almost identical number of LinkedIn and Facebook users use the respective platforms for updating professional information.

A fifth of those surveyed claimed to have been sent a job lead on Facebook and just under 17% of respondents said that one of the three platforms had assisted them in finding new positions.

HR and those in any recruitment field should take note of the Twitter statistics in particular.  More and more companies, in our experience, are turning to the micro-blogging platform for swift communication of their vacancies - and more importantly a huge number of users are aware of it and exploit it.

We acknowledge that LinkedIn will remain a dominant force in the job seeking sector but the survey demonstrates that is isn't necessarily the platform of choice for those looking for work.

Perhaps it should also be borne in mind that a slight development to either Facebook or Twitter could bring about a game changing event.  What if either platform targeted recruitment and job seeking with a few minor tweaks?

We'll await the 2013 results with interest.


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