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When Facebook acquired Instagram earlier this year for a cool $1 Billion, many analysts saw it as a shrewd move on the part of founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Those same analysts couldn't be blamed for being rather vocal today. Reports suggest the platform now has more people using it from mobile devices each day than Twitter.

To beat Twitter on any device takes some doing, but with the micro-blogging platform enjoying a surge in mobile access it's even more of an achievement for Instagram to have usurped it.

Mashable reports that comScore data indicates Instagram enjoyed 7.3 million mobile users a day in August, compared to 6.9 million users on Twitter.  It does need to be stressed that these are mobile users only.


Social media training - using Instagram on our trip to the Shetland Islands


This is a huge leap in traffic in the last 6 months - 10 times in fact.  Mashable rightly point out that the youth of Instagram means it will inevitably enjoy larger spurts in growth than a mature platform such as Twitter, but to get from less than a million users a day to over 7 million is still a feat to be admired.

The major leaps in growth appear to have come in May and throughout June, with almost 3 million new users in May-June and a further 1.75 million in June-July.  The fact this is in the first 3 months after Facebook's acquisition of Instagram can be no coincidence.  As news filtered out and PR channels went Instagram-crazy the platform enjoyed a collosal surge in demand and uptake.

The question now is the same it usually is for any "Facebook-ed" channel - how can they make revenues out of it?

A social media platform as image intensive as Facebook was always going to be an excellent stable for the newcomer but the figures do demonstrate it has been a deal of quite staggering success if bringing users in is to remain a top priority.

The commercial opportunities for end users remain open on Instagram.  It represents another branding mechanism, a point of further visibility and it is particularly useful to those marketeers where youth is a primary target (it has mammoth statistics in respect of the under-25's market as users).

If you're going to port photographic or any imagery out to Facebook then Instagram is a useful channel for doing so, particularly if you're on the move. 

Whether that fits within most large organisations control policies and strategies is another question entirely, but it misses the point that you still have another medium on which to post promotional material to catch the eye.

We'll watch for any future updates on Instagram traffic and keep you informed. 




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