Hashtags for legal professions

Hashtags for legal professionals

Our recent hashtag analysis has focused on one of the increasingly busy sectors on Twitter and social media in general - the legal professions.

Encompassing lawyers and others in the legal trades, tweet volume has been rising steadily over the last few years. 

The sector remains very immature in its understanding of the platform in general, amply demonstrated by a lack of any real engagement from most accounts.  

The majority of tweets direct readers to a variety of blogs, sector associations or third-party news sources and the use of hashtags is best described as inconsistent - but there is sufficient data to collate a worthwhile picture of what proves popular.

We've classified the hashtags into two groups.  Those that may be of use for visibility in a sector in general, and those demonstrating use in a specialist field that can deliver a wider audience reach.

All data is based on the last 30 days of use and figures quoted are volume of tweets at peak times.

Hashtags for legal professionals

General sector visibility

The most commonly used hashtags aren't too difficult to guess.  However, with them are a group of related hashtags that could offer increased visibility if used wisely and over time.

The main hashtags in this group are (tpd = peak tweets per day):

The #law tag is hugely popular yet many users seem to be overlooking the #legal tag that offers additional exposure.  The directly related sector tags of #police, #court and #crime also offer interesting potential.


Specialist field and wider visibility

For those wanting to highlight a particular item of content or field of specialism, there are a batch of under-estimated tags that also bring an undoubted greater level of exposure:

The combination of the #emplaw and #hr tags present opportunities many might have overlooked.  Employment and law are so regularly referenced that there is an obvious connection human resources when looking outside of the legal professions (it's also worth noting that HR personnel are incredibly active on Twitter compared to other vocations).

The #family tag is questionable in terms of its overall effectiveness due to the sheer volume of tweets it is associated with, but with a reasoned and considered spread of tweeting it gives brand visibility to the general public on matters that often cross into legal circles.



Use of these hashtags needs to be carefully considered in relation to your content, as well as your geographic position and how you might wish to factor in regional tags.

Nonetheless, they show the variety of opportunities that exist and, with the right content, offer exposure to a wider audience both within and outside of the legal professions.




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