Google+ receives damning review

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As many of our clients will know, we've become increasingly wary of recommending Google+ as a platform on which to devote resource to.  Over the last year it has seen little in terms of user embracement and continues to be a network with limited appeal.

These views have been compounded by a damning review posted on Mashable.

Todd Wasserman writes that a year on Google+ is in need of repair.  Some of the information he reveals must be hard to read for the execs at Google who had such high hopes for their Facebook-killer.

In the time Google+ has been live, Facebook has grown its user base by over 200 million - a figure that is bigger than Google+ entire user base.

What's more, the time being spent on Google+ by those that have decided to stick with it are equally poor - with an average of just over 3 minutes PER MONTH.  Wasserman compares this to Facebook users spending seven hours a month on the King of social media platforms.

It doesn't stop there though.  We've previously said that we believe Google+ has a large proportion of accounts that are dormant.  People who set the account up, see what the network has to offer and then never return.  Wasserman reveals this figure to be in excess of 30%.  That's not a figure that speaks of widespread attraction and adoption.

Wasserman also appears to agree with our thoughts on who it is that is using Google+.  We see it being used by those in the Technology sector; and little beyond that.  He comments that they are indeed its adopters, referring to them as "tech gladfies" and saying that, to everyone else, Google+ is a mere afterthought and the fourth or fifth social media platform you may wish to check on.

We agree, entirely.

Our long term view has been that Google+ will continue to receive add-on after add-on in an attempt to bolster its offering, and again Wasserman adds to this sentiment by saying they continue to frantically add every conceiveable Google product to the network in the hope it will entice more people onboard.

We don't see the latter happening. Ever.  Indeed, we're now firmly convinced that Google+ will be yet another product from the Google stable that is doomed to ultimate failure.  Maybe it'll be the final realisation for Google that they're too late to market and the horse has bolted?

Will they go on the acquisition trail that has given them such success in the past?

Wasserman sums it up nicely in our opinion.  He closes his remarks by saying "A year on, Google Plus is a big minus".

We do like video hang-outs though...!



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