Google+ brand pages

Google+ brand pages

Google+ will soon allow users to brand pages in a style likened to that of Facebook custom pages. has revealed a set of possible brand pages although it should be noted these are purely creative ideas at present.

One particular benefit being touted of Google+ brand pages is that owners will receive much better CTR's (click through rates) due to the search engine giant dominance.  So, it could well be that having a Google+ brand page will result in a direct benefit to  websites receiving traffic from them, not to mention a higher search engine presence for the company brand page on Google+ itself.

Google+ may also offer increased customisation opportunities.  There is no real detail on what they may constitute at present but full integration with the various Google paid-for advertising platforms can be expected.

Integration with Google Analytics would be a major boost to branded page owners – and this inclusion is almost certainly going to arrive.  Measurement of visitors with Analytics would give Google+ an immediate and substantial advantage over branded Facebook pages where the level of metric reporting simply couldn't match Google+.

We'll keep you fully up to date on the release of Google+ branded pages as and when we hear of a formal announcement.


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